Our Treatments

Spa Access

The spa entrance includes the access to the steam room, sauna and relax area. We provide a bathrobe, a towel and flip flops to access the spa. You must bring a swimming suit.

Spa access(2 hours) 59,00€
Complimentary spa access (for treatment below 60 min) 25,00€
Card of 5 spa access 255,00€


The subscription allows you to enjoy your favorite treatments over a period of 12 months. Your subscription is a credit that you can use freely from the date of purchase. The contracted subsciption is personal and may not be transferred to any other person.

GOLD Purchase:1000€/Treatments:1100€


Skin care at the frontier of medicine
starts where normal skin care ends.

MBR high-end concept care is a clear departure from all previous cosmetic lines.
The first German high-tech premium brand is the result of intensive research by leading dermatologists and aesthetic physicians. The goal was to develop anti-ageing products with the highest possible active ingredient concentrations while at the same time achieving optimal skin tolerance.

Medical Beauty Research facial treatments

Skin reconditioning Biochange treatment
Using the Biochange range from MBR, this facial treatment is targeting the exhausted and stressed skins. This reconditioning treatment is also recommended to pre & post aesthetic surgery. Recommended for young and mature skins.
60 min - 175,00€ 90 min - 225,00€
Eye therapy with Biochange
Restorative and calming eye contour treatment for sensitive, stressed, irritated eye skin; Or awake and lift eyecare boost for tired, dehydrated, with age signs eye contours skin.
30 min - 95,00€
Skin restoring Cytoline treatment
Thanks to the high skincare technology, you no longer have to live with the consequence of sun damage. The MBR’s Cytoline range is the way of rejuvenate sun damaged skin, improve texture, reduce lines and fade pigmentation.
60 min - 190,00€ 75 min - 225,00€
Skin healing ContinulineMed treatment
Treat and heal your skin with the pharmaceutical range of MBR. This repairing treatment is suitable for all skin types and is designed for sensitive, demanding and damaged skins
60 min - 175,00€ 75 min - 195,00€
MBR after sun facial treatment
If you spent time out under the sun, then, your skin is probably suffering from dryness, dehydration, sunburn. This after sun treatment will calm, deeply moisturize and reduce wrinkles due to the sun exposure.
60 min - 175,00€ 75 min - 225,00€
MBR purifying facial treatment
If you suffer from occasional breakouts, oily, congested skin or severe acne, this purifying facial treatment is made for you. Let us help you to rebalance your skin and to rediscover your radiant appearance.
60 min - 175,00€ 90 min - 245,00€
MBR Pure Perfection facial treatment
MBR Pure Perfection treatment is an extraordinarily efficient anti-ageing care, that boosts the skin in order to obtain amazing results. Your skin will appear smooth and soft, with a significant reduction of wrinkles.
60 min - 250,00€ 90 min - 350,00€
MBR Liquid Surgery facial treatment
Stop ageing process and repair the skin damage caused by toxic environment, bad habits, lack of sleep and photoaging. This luxurious treatment is an alternative to plastic surgery, and is for those who seek for a significant reduction of wrinkles and sagging skin for a visibly youthful, revitalized and radiant complexion.
60 min - 350,00€ 90 min - 495,00€
The Best of MBR facial (with Golden Eye Patch)
This extraordinary and revolutionary facial is THE BEST anti-ageing treatment. The medical ingredients from THE BEST range will improve the firmness and elasticity of face contours and will guarantee anti-ageing optimal long-lasting results. Beauty that can be bought!
120min - 1200,00€
MBR Bridal Glow
Aesthetician’s pre wedding recommendation. Ideally 2-3 month before the wedding, we recommende to start a good skincare routine to repair, balance your skin and prevent breakouts, during the stressful wedding preparation days. Professional facial treatments should be done once a month to maintain a healthy complexion. Your bridal facial treatment should be one of the last steps of your skin treatment journey that will make you feel and look your best, in real and on the pictures, on the most important day in your life.
60min - 275,00€ 90min - 385,00€ 120min- 495,00€
Sur mesure MBR facial
This facial couture treatment targets each of your skin desires and needs. Your beauty expert will guide you and will define your own personalized facial treatment to help you reveal your true skin beauty.
60min - 275,00€ 90min - 385,00€ 120min- 495,00€

Medical Beauty Research body treatments

Bust and décolleté treatment
The first signs of ageing first show and are noticeable on the bust and décolleté. Allow us to sublimate the beautiful contours and youthful appearance of your bust and décolleté. This treatment slows down the ageing process of your skin and makes it smoother and firmer thanks to the revolutionary MBR bust and décolleté treatment.
30 min - 135,00€ 45 min - 195,00€
MBR exfoliation & massage body treatment
Pamper yourself with a spa treatment which will leave your skin soft, replumped, tightened and hydrated. The treatment includes a gentle exfoliation followed by a deep hydration with the luxurious Rich Contouring Cream which will improve the texture and firmness of your body skin.
60 min - 195,00€
Red Carpet MBR body treatment
Let’s get the party started with this red carpet body treatment. Pamper yourself and get a soft, glowy skin thanks to the Firming Body Lotion. Get our Signature unforgettable MBR smell, on your body all night! Allow us to open your party mood with a glass of champagne as a final touch of the treatment!
30 min - 110,00€
Customized MBR body treatment
The only body treatment that treats all body parts according to your skin instant. Our body skin requires different specific care: firming, moisturizing, replumping, anti-cellulite. Special attention will be given to hands and feet
60 min - 195,00€


An intelligent skin care concept that opens up new possibilities and sets new standards.

The dream of flawless beauty and pure skin is as old as time, but remains as strong as ever.
How nice it would be if we could carry out professional skin care at home and be our own skin designers?
Experience, knowledge and intensive research by leading developers stand for the EFFICACY, QUALITY and SAFETY of every MSB product, and for the guarantee that new findings will constantly be incorporated.


MSB sensitive skin treatment
Sensitive skin can be caused by a variety internal and external factors like a wrong skincare choice, health condition, environmental influence. If you have sensitive skin, your treatment will be adapted and built up accordingly to your skin condition.
60 min - 145,00€
MSB skin normalizing treatment
Oily, unbalanced skin with breakouts appearance can be caused by an excess of oil, bacteria, hormones, dead skin cells, ingrown hair. To get your skin under control, to help it heal and to balance it, we offer a combination of professional facial treatments with your personalized and targeted skincare program under a professional assistance. Let us help you to rediscover your radiant, blemish-free skin.
60 min - 145,00€ 90 min- 195,00€
Pigment normalizing MSB treatment
Hyperpigmentation is when patches of skin appear darker than the surrounding skin. There are several types of hyperpigmentation such as: age spots, melasma, post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation, or sun spots. Let us help you to get a smooth and uniformed skin.
60 min - 165,00€ 75 min - 185,00€
MSB collagen treatment
Reinforce your skin thanks to this deep boost in hydration and glow. Your skin will gain in elasticity and tonicity.
60 min - 175,00€
MSB anti-ageing alpha-trophox treatment
A highly effective and concentrated treatment for the prevention of wrinkles and reduction of existing wrinkles (including deep ones and other ageing signs). It provides a unique lifting effect and will boost your own production of hyaluron, collagen and elastin for long lasting results.
60 min - 185,00€ 90 min- 225,00€
Personalized MSB eye contour treatment
MSB eye treatment is individually defined according to your eye contours condition, skin sensitivity, age and skin needs, preceded by a detailed skin diagnostic with our skin therapist.
30 min - 85,00€


We offer you personalized treatments preceded by a detailed diagnosis of your Skin Instant ®. With the help of our experts, we prepare a personalized skin care program to sublimate your skin and obtain immediately visible results

Our consultations

Skin Diagnostic and recommandations
This analysis is the first stage in the Biologique Recherche methodology, to identify your Skin Instant©.
30 min - 45,00€

Biologique Recherche facial treatments

Customized facial treatment 60 min – 139€
Triple lift
An exfoliating, repairing and toning treatment designed for mature Skin Instants©. It leaves the skin on your face, neck and chest refined, replumped and lifted.
120 min - 225,00€
Seconde peau
A world first in professional cosmetics, this regenerating and lifting treatment is based on an electro-woven mask containing 80% pharmaceutical-grade hyaluronic acid for Instant Mature Skin© marked by the signs of aging. We recommend 3 sessions at 1 week intervals and then renew once every three months.
60 min - 300,00€

Our treatments supplements

Remodeling face
A state-of-the-art bio-electro stimulation that combines the power of three currents (galvanic current, medium and high frequencies) for immediate, long-lasting results.
20 min - 35,00€
Eye contour
Recommended for signs of fatigue and age of the eye contour.
30 min - 45,00€
Fatigue-relieving patches
The Relaxing Patches are pre-impregnated with a formula enriched with anti-puffiness, anti-dark circles and anti-wrinkle active ingredients.
20 min - 30,00€
Mask PIGM 400
Thanks to its formula concentrated in exceptional lightening and anti-oxidant active ingredients, PIGM 400 Mask boosts the skin's radiance in an incomparable way.
20 min - 40,00€
Caviar Collagen Mask
For an even more visible result, we suggest that you add to your treatment a preformed mask that adapts to the shape of your face for a specific and intensive treatment.
20 min - 40,00€
The Regenerating Active Ingredients Cocktail
The Regenerating Active Ingredients Cocktail is a concentrate of 56 regenerating, revitalizing, stimulating and energizing active ingredients resulting from the most advanced biotechnology for an action even on the most devitalized and deficient Skin Instants.
45 min - 80,00€

Biologique Recherche body treatments

P50 New Skin Care
An exfoliating and regenerating treatment. It leaves your skin softer, more even and hydrated.
45 min - 95,00€
Heavy Legs Care
A treatment with a draining and decongesting action. It stimulates the circulation and helps legs to feel lighter
60 min - 125,00€
Slimming Booster Care
A draining treatment that produces a slimmer shape and improves the appearance of cellulite.
60 min - 145,00€
Lift Corps care
A draining treatment that produces a slimmer shape and improves the appearance of cellulite.
30 min - 70,00€
60 min - 150,00€
90 min - 190,00€
Detoxifying seaweed treatment
Essential to start body treatment, the crubs exfoliate and prepare the skin for others treatments. A purifying and detoxifying treatment. It promotes the elimination of toxins and helps to improve microcirculation.
90 min - 170,00€


Body care

Essential to start body treatment, the scrubs exfoliate and prepare the skin for others treatments.
25 min - 59,00€
Blissful bath (alone or in pairs)
Private hydromassage bath.
20 min - 75,00€
Deep tissue massage / relaxing / jet lag
Deep tissue: Before or after a sportive effort, this massage will energize your body! Accurate massage of the muscles, it is ideal for an effective recovery or preparation before an intense sports effort.
Relaxing: This relaxing massage is a special moment that helps to slow down your daily rhythm. With its slow, sustained and enveloping movements, it encourages a total letting go...
Jet lag : Jet lag: This
30 min - 59,00€
60 min - 99,00€
80 min - 135,00€
Mum to be (4 months pregnant min)
This massage is dedicated to pregnant women. From the 4th to the 8th month of pregnancy, this massage is a moment of gentle relaxation to relieve the most stressed areas of your body during this very special period. Comfortably installed, with a maternity pillow, you will fully enjoy this well-being break.
60 min - 99,00€
Hot stones massage
For tense people, enjoying a relaxing massage. The basalt stones retain heat to warm the body and soothe the soul
80 min - 145,00€
Shiatsu Massage
Traditional Japanese massage, which is performed dressed on a futon. "Shi" means "fingers", "atsu", pressure, the very meaning of this massage that will rebalance your body and mind. (Please bring a comfortable outfit).
80 min - 145,00€
Thaï Yoga massage
Dress massage on futon. Stretching and pressure to regain flexibility and energy. (Please bring a comfortable outfit).
80 min - 145,00€
Foot Réflexologie
Foot massage, of Chinese origin, specific pressures locate tensions and unblock them. Incredibly relaxing, this technique activates blood circulation in the feet, erasing the constraints of the day.
60 min - 99,00€

The Rituals

The Escape
Massage 60min of choice followed by Biologique
Recherche custom made facial treatment.
110 min - 235,00€
Le voyage
Body scrub followed by a massage 60min.
80 min - 145,00€
Le rituel Sensoriel
Private hydromassage bath with champagne, followed by an MBR scrub, a 60-minute massage of your choice and a customized facial.
Private hydromassage bath for two with champagne, followed by an MBR scrub, a 60-minute massage of your choice and a customized facial. 
1 person – 180 min/359€
2 persons – 180 min/660€
Rituel du Hammam
Traditional scrub, a Maghreb beauty ritual that softens and detoxifies the skin, followed by a rhassoul wrap. Allow 20 minutes of hammam beforehand.
60 min - 139,00€
Medical Beauty Research inviting ritual
Delight your senses with a MBR stress-release massage followed by a customized MBR facial treatment that will leave your skin restored, toned and strengthened.
2h – 365,00€
Medical Beauty Research face and body rejuvenating ritual
Enjoy a powerful moment of relaxation with a gentle MBR signature body exfoliation treatment, followed by a hydrating and soothing MBR massage. Finally, a customized results-driven MBR facial treatment will be provided by our skin expert, that will make your skin radiant and toned!
2h - 435,00€
Antiaging ritual for your face, neck, décolleté and bust from Medical Beauty Reasearch
The MBR Pure Perfection 100 N® is a newly defined, extraordinarily efficient anti-ageing line, that contains a high concentration of active ingredients to revive, hydrate, regenerate collagen and elastin fibers. Treat yourself with this age defying customized MBR facial treatments for the face, neck, décolleté and bust!
2h – 495,00€
Face and body ritual with Biologique Recherche
Enhance your face and body skin with a Biologique Recherche personalized ritual. It includes a body exfoliation that also stimulate the blood circulation, and a professional manual lifting techniques. Your skin expert is reshaping, slimming, toning, strengthening your body. Continue the experience with an innovative Biologique Recherche facial treatment that will be tailored to your skin needs. 
2h – 250,00€
Face and body ritual with The Best of MBR
Escape from the city with this signature ritual that starts with a personalized massage that will leave you feeling centered and refreshed. Then, an exclusive MBR body scrub made of selected sugar, salt crystals, macadamia oil and jojoba pearls will gently exfoliate and smoothes the skin.
 The Best body cream will be applied to revitalize the skin. This extraordinary powerful product is slowing down the ageing process of the skin and visibly tightens the contours of your body. It leaves the skin luxurious and silky.
 End this relaxing and beauty journey with The Best of facial treatment. Thanks to modern technology and innovative research, MBR came up with The Pure Perfection The Best line that is changing your skin on the cellular level and is a solution to stop the ageing process of your skin. This antiaging facial treatment is highly efficient and the results are immediate and long lasting for years. 
3h – 1200,00€
Anti-Cellulite ritual (all zones included)
This targeted and complete body treatment focus on the cellulite and contours of your body. After an exfoliation, your expert is treating each zone with specific oils and creams to maximize the results. The combination of the products and the lymphatic drainage with professional manual technics will improve your body contours and the reduce appearance of cellulite.
1h30 – 175,00€
Developed by leading dermatologists, The Best Of MBR facial treatment is a concentrate of innovative and technologic skincare products, that will make your skin flawless and ageless. This luxurious line is treating your skin on a cellular level which makes the result highly effective and long lasting.
1h30 – 750,00€
THE BEST OF MBR GOLDEN FACIAL (MBR treatment with golden eye patches)
Combine The Best facial treatment with extraordinarily targeted eye patches of 24-carat gold, which give the skin a sensationally radiant look. The active ingredients will penetrate until the dermal layers which will slow down the skin’s ageing process, reduces wrinkles and expression lines and leaves the skin looking radiant. Beauty that can be bought!
2h – 1200,00€

For kids

Tandem parent-child
Let your child discover the world of massage and share a moment in a duo cabin for a real moment of complicity.
30 min - 139,00€
My first ritual
Hydromassage bath followed by a tandem parent-child massage.
45 min - 160,00€

The essentials


Armpits 25,00€
Simple Bikini line 30,00€
Brazilian Bikini line 40,00€
Hollywood Bikini line 60,00€
Arm or foreamrs 30,00€
Half legs 30,00€
Full Legs 55,00€
Back 37,50€
Eyebrows 18,00€
Lips or chin 18,00€
Half legs, simple bikini line* and armpits 85,00€
Full legs, simple bikini line* + armpits 100,00€
*supplement hollywood bikini line 18,00€

Beautiful hand and feet

Semi-permanent polish application 45,00€
Semi-permanent polish removing 20,00€
Shellac Package 75,00€
Hands beauty 35,00€
Feet beauty 35,00€
Medical pedicure 75,00€
Manicure, scrub and massage (1h) 75,00€
Pedicure, scrub and massage (1h) 75,00€
Nail polish application 20,00€
Eyelashes tintings 25,00€
Eyebrows tinting 20,00€


Please arrive 15 minutes before your treatment time. In the case of a late arrival, the time devoted to your treatment cannot be guaranteed. Bathrobe, slippers, towels, shower gel and shampoo are provided by the spa.


If you reschedule or cancel your appointment, please notify the Spa reception at least 24 hours in advance to avoid being charged the full amount. Your bank card number will be requested at the time of booking to secure the appointment. .


We have created special treatments for expectant mothers, feel free to seek advice from the staff at the Spa reception who can help you choose appropriate spa treatments.


The Spa treatments are intended exclusively for people in good health. Please inform us of any health issues, allergies or injuries that might interfere with your treatment or use of the Spa. Please, before making any appointment in the Spa, contact your doctor in case of doubt. The Spa is a non medicalised environment and all the programs administred have your well-being as their sole aim.


The Spa is a world of tranquility, harmony and well-being. We thank you in advance for not using your mobile phone, nor for smoking within the Spa. Access to the facilities is forbidden for children under 16. The Management is not responsible for any lost, stolen, forgotten or damaged objects within the Spa. No valuable items should be left in the changing rooms and lockers.

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